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Paul van Rooy

Business Development Manager & Corporate Chef, Australia

Paul van Rooy

I am a career chef with experience spanning 4 decades in Australia and internationally across all aspect of the industry. From hotels, Airlines, stadiums, Major Events, function venues to stand alone restaurants  – being a hospitality person I love people, food and entertaining.

My thing has always been functions, events and large numbers – when someone asks what my speciality is I have always said one or two thousand covers (people).

In recent years I have joined the other side – commercial sales, the last 3 being with Greenmount Foods introducing our fab Stock Shop Co range to Australia.

Setting up distribution, major trade shows, key account management and  working with the all-important end users. I love sharing my knowledge, helping others grow to reach their potential and developing long term relationships across all facets of the food service industry.

Favourite recipe

Malaysian Laksa Soup

Paul van Rooy

Years ago in Melbourne my girlfriend (now wife) took me to an underground student hang out in the CBD - the centre piece being the Asian street food - I had my first Laksa and fell in love instantly.

The first thing I did was find a recipe and made the paste from scratch and indulged. I remember that year I prepared it as a treat for our family Chrissy get together.

The reason I love laksa and it is my favourite food in the whole world is its deep complex flavours, amazing textures and simplicity, spiked with chilli and finished with the richness of coconut cream. Life is good.

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