About Stock Shop Co.

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Heart & SOul

We lay the groundwork for your culinary endeavours, so you can focus on building flavours and exemplary dishes. From our passionate chefs to yours, Stock Shop Co. is our labour of love.


Born in Aotearoa

New Zealand

Enjoyed Worldwide

Our Humble Beginnings

Our story begins in Mount Maunganui, one of Aotearoa’s small seaside towns, where the surf is world-class, and the farmlands and orchards thrive in the warm climate.

It’s here that our founders were approached to produce culinary stocks for the Japanese market from all-natural ingredients sourced across the country. This resulted in a small collection of slow-simmered stocks, jus, and glaces. And as time went on, the popularity of the products grew, eventuating in the establishment of the Stock Shop Co brand.

Today, globally renowned chefs from around the world use our products in their signature dishes as well as every day creations. Famed for our balanced umami flavours, Stock Shop Co. continues to proudly produce connoisseur-quality products with a silky smooth consistency.

What We're All About

Our Fundamental values


Made by chefs, for chefs

Meticulously crafted by passionate culinarians, our products are slow-simmered using traditional methods to build outstanding flavours. Our chefs work carefully to ensure every spoonful is silky smooth in consistency and unmatchable in quality – and it’s all for your chefs to use. It’s a way of saving time without your creations tasting like a shortcut.


Simple Made Exceptional

Stocks are the heart, soul, and base of every dish. Whether it's used as foundation or accent, we've mastered the art of reduction so you can get depth of flavour to elevate every dish.



Real ingredients produce rich, authentic flavours, and nothing can compare after hours of slow simmering. That’s why we’re committed to crafting all of our products with all-natural ingredients. We use Aotearoa's finest culinary offerings, from grass-fed beef bones to greenshell mussels. No additives. No preservatives. No GMOs. Ever.


Connoisseur Calibre

The mark of a great kitchen is consistency. However, with rising turnover rates across the industry, maintaining that vital rhythm has become increasingly difficult. Our products give you one less thing to worry about by providing consistency across the board, allowing you to produce reliable results that your customers can count on. Our stocks are made in state of the art, purpose built facilities that are certified for quality, from ingredients that are traceable from paddock to plate.


Nz Greenshell
Mussel STock

We love the fresh shellfish taste and aroma of our unique NZ Green-lipped Mussel Stock. Within 24 hours of harvest from the pristine waters of the Coromandel Peninsula they are simmering in our kettles. Find our for yourself why it's so special.