Green Peppercorn Sauce

Perfect served with beef, chicken, pork or drizzled on a pizza or burger.

This punchy green peppercorn sauce is a real classic, full of flavour with a smooth creamy texture to elevate any menu.

  • Ready-to-go
  • Simmer sauce


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Quality is King

Our culinarians work exclusively with premium ingredients and traditional reduction methods to create exceptional products. Led by passion, powered by decades of expertise, Stock Shop Co. concentrates on quality above all.

Saves you Time

Our time is dedicated to slow-simmering and gentle balancing. We spend days, weeks, and months creating our products the traditional way so that other chefs don’t have to. Time is precious in the kitchen – and now you can have more of it.

100% Consistency

When you can rely on the products you’re working with, you gain more control over the results. Our products are crafted carefully for complete consistency. We care about the delicate details and work slowly to ensure perfection.