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Gwith Thomas

Business Development Manager & Corporate Chef, USA

Gwith Thomas

New Zealand native and Award-Winning Chef Gwithyen Thomas discovered his passion for cooking at the age of sixteen, when he left school to pursue his career as a chef. By the age of twenty, he was running kitchens in five star hotels and restaurants.

In 2009, Gwith met his wife, Justine, while cooking for her and her family. In 2011, Gwithyen married Justine and moved to the United States. Gwith continued to run large restaurant establishments in the US, as well as consulting with multiple restaurants and bars. In 2014, he and his wide opened their fine dining restaurant, Aroha, in Westlake Village, California.

Gwith currently represents Greenmount Foods across the entire US market, working with distributors and suppliers, as well as restaurants ranging from small "mom-and-pop" operations to large chains.

Favourite recipe

Vietnamese Pho

Gwith Thomas

Ever since I was taken to my first Vietnamese restaurants and treated to my first bowl of Pho I have never looked back.

What excites me about the dish and has driven to work on my own recipe for the last 3 years is the simplistic yet powerful fresh flavours of the dish, the key to a truly great Pho comes from the hours of reducing good ingredients into the perfectly balanced broth.

This is a dish I could happily eat once a week or just as happily every day of the week.

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